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    I have tried not to become an author, by keeping busy doing everything else, anything else, like holding down a full time job for instance, by writing words for others and by doing lots of other important things such as folding the laundry, checking my soc-med feeds, and watching TV.


    I have come to realize that by avoiding my calling, I add one more to the number of the vast unfulfilled who live in relative comfort and safety. Compared to most of the population of our warring planet, I have everything I need. So why insult good fortune with personal dissatisfaction?


    I was brought up always to help others (good idea!)-- especially at great personal cost (not so good!), Perhaps now I can help others more by fully embracing my passion to write. My serenity, my sanity, my stability will be my gift to the world. Not joking.


    Writing for myself "literally" is the hardest and most rewarding thing I have ever done. In order to do it, I have to be alone with one of the scariest people I know.


    Does that make sense to you? If it does, you may well enjoy my work.


    Hell is failure to commit to oneself.


  • Family as Drama

    Love and Loathing Under One Roof

    Love me at my baseline

    We all want love and acceptance for who we are. That' a given.


    Although it would be nice, I really don't need strangers to love me at my baseline. What I need is my family, friends - the people I'm in relationship with - to love me at my baseline.


    But as we all know all too well, the message of love often gets lost in the static of the struggle for power in relationships. Misunderstanding, anger, polarization drown out and can even kill love, if we let them..


    In my writing, fiction and non-fiction, I explore communication, not only as the antidote to the sick cycle of family and relationship drama, but as a powerful charm that can actually raise the dead.


    If your memories of love have faded and if your dreams for love are gone, you are not unlucky and you are not unloveable. I am living proof.


    As long as there is life, there is hope.


    Thank you for joining me on my writer's journey.

  • Young Adult Fiction/Fiction About Young People: Owning & Using Power

    The Great Awakening of Youth

    Exploring emerging adults: When do they understand responsibility and the access of power? Will they wisely use their power, abuse their power or give their power away? What factors influence and define personal power? Coming of age is a confusing, often cruel, even a dangerous time in a young person's life. Who is there for us to point out how truly powerfully and wonderfully made we are?

  • carter's creek

    ....Where your guardian angel is no angel

    Carter's Creek

    Work in progress

    Laney Pearson discovers a terrible secret from her mother's past. She wants to help her mother and heal her family. Laney starts digging, but as Laney unearths the truth, her core beliefs about herself and her relationships are threatened. FIghting the urge to retreat to ignorant bliss, Laney pursues the truth, no matter the cost, no matter who gets hurt. And Laney herself tops the list of the first to fall.

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